At XL, we know just how important our team is in creating lasting food memories. We believe joy is the secret ingredient our team adds to the meals we cook, cater and serve; and we go above and beyond to ensure there’s joy in the workplace by adopting these core values

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Excellence in Teamwork

At XL, no one person receives special treatment. Rather, every single employee gets special treatment. Empathy and honesty are two pillars that gives meaning to our staff, encouraging them to work together, help one another, and create a hospitable work environment.

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Everyone has a Voice

If we want to do better, we need to be able to listen better. Our leaders routinely spend one-on-one time with our kitchen and management staff. Opinions are valued, experience is appreciated, and suggestions are listened to and quickly implemented.

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Trust & Integrity

As an organization, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We own our decisions and our actions, and conduct business with integrity and honesty; implementing honor, respect and fairness in all aspects of our work.

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Health First

From the safety of our people to the safety of the food we cater, every aspect of our business gets due attention. Our service – to our staff and to you – is our priority, and XL’s business model and catering facility have been built to address the health and safety aspects of both with due diligence.

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Quality in Control

As an organization, we take pride in delivering high quality products and services to our customers efficiently and consistently. This means that every single time you sit down to have an XL meal, it delights and delivers

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We Value You

We value our customers, every occasion, and every meal we put on the table. Before we dish out a meal, we promise to listen. To understand your needs, requirements, dietary concerns and restrictions; and do everything possible to not just deliver, but delight you in the process.